Word of Mouth Advertising Made Simple

Do you own a business? If so, here's marketing magic ... It's an ordinary museum ticket, transformed into extraordinary word-of-mouth advertising. Here's what this is about: A few months ago, I visited Japan with my daughter. We went to the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. (Studio Ghibli is an animation film maker, led by Hayao…
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About Your Email Marketing — Are You Exposed?

Do you use email in your marketing? Of course you do. But do your prospects read your emails without distraction? No. Online, the competition for attention -- Google, Amazon, Zappos, whatever -- is just a click away. But did you know? Direct mail gets up to 4,557% better response than email, according to the Harvard…
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Switch on More Profits: The Media Switch Technique

If you want a brain-dead simple way to double or even triple your profits ... ... here's all you do: Switch a successful marketing message from one communications medium to another. Because what works well in one can work EXTREMELY well in another. Here are just a few examples of this "Media Switch" Technique: *…
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