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Testimonials in Marketing: Want Some?

Testimonials in marketing are like Krugerrands. You can never have too many. That's why it bugged me when one of my readers complained last week. He thought a tip I gave him about how to get testimonials from clients was "inadequate." He said he knew how to get testimonials, but "the biggest issue is not…
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More Visual Persuasion Secrets Revealed

For the past 2 days I've been a bad copywriter ... ... because I, a guy who writes for a living, have been urging you to use more pictures as visual persuasion in your marketing. But it all makes perfect sense. Apart from the fact that humans have been looking at pictures for about 200,000…
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Election Day Colonoscopy Marketing Trick

This Election Day, our choices are Trump and Clinton ... ... so I want to talk about getting a colonoscopy. Here's the story: At a marketing seminar I attended in 2010, Seth Godin said something profound, which I wrote down: “People judge their entire colonoscopy experience based on what they remember from the last 30…
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