The Greatest Sales Stories Ever Told

Yesterday I wrote about Warren Buffett ...

... and his habit of reading 500 pages a day.

He still spends about about 80% of each day reading, probably because 80% of his wealth has come from ideas. That's because reading is the royal road to knowledge. "It builds up, like compound interest," Buffet says.

As a writer, I read. A lot. Not 500 pages a day like Buffett, but a fair amount.

It's how I get new ideas to share with my clients and readers, like you.

For example, "The Greatest Sales Stories Ever Told," by Robert Shook, is a great book.

Synopsis: If you're in business, you need buyers. Which means you must sell. So it makes sense to study the world's best sales people.

The book has 51 stories with ideas you can use the same day, from Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Mary Kay Ash, Ross Perot, et al.

Here's just one takeaway from my reading: Enthusiasm sells.

Mary Kay Ash, before founding her company in 1963, once sold 10 sets of children's books in a single weekend for $50 each (about $250 in today's dollars) to local women ... by phone.


She simply got on the phone, called up women in her church and told them "about the best set of books I'd ever seen," she writes. "My enthusiasm was such that without even showing the books to anyone, I was able to sell 10 sets -- sight unseen! What happened was, I got so excited that the women got excited, too."

Moral of the story: When you sell with genuine enthusiasm, others will catch it. And buy.

One other thing ...

... if you've got enthusiastic clients, you can use their stories to do the selling for you.

Example: Daniel Barrera, from Parkland, Florida, said this about my Marketing Multipliers Club: "It's off the chain! I put up a winning Adwords landing page with your 'Hot Button Detector' strategy... So far it's outperforming my best converting control 35% to 22% -- that's an increase of 59%!! Thanks a mil!"

Pretty enthusiastic, huh?

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Before I wise  up and raise the price.

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Kevin Donlin

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