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About Kevin Donlin - Marketing Optimizer

About Kevin Donlin

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  • Kevin writes direct-mail and online promotions for corporate clients across America who pay up to $62,500 for his services
  • he created Marketing Multipliers to grow your business if you can't (yet) afford his consulting fees. These tools and tactics include Paper Emails, Sales "Unproposals," and Sales Stimulator Emails
  • he has been marketing online since 1994, when he sold one of the first ebooks on Usenet for $10, payable by check (there was no PayPal, e-commerce, or even a Web)
  • he has been interviewed on marketing topics by Fox News (photo at left), ABC-TV, NBC-TV, CBS Radio, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, and too many others to list here
  • he believes that entrepreneurs are the last, best hope for taking back America. If you don't agree, please leave now
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