Advertorial Headline Secrets: Confessions of an Anonymous Blonde

Thank you for helping in my experiment!

You see, I'm doing market research for a friend ...

... and I bet her that the title of this blog post, "Confessions of an Anonymous Blonde," would work as a headline for her promotion.

Will it?

I don't know.

I never know.

All I know is that one test is better than 1,000 guesses.

So I'm testing that headline to see how much blog traffic it brings in. If it works well, we can roll it out. If not, we'll try another headline.

Basing your marketing on testing data like this is the ONLY way to grow your business with certainty.

And when it comes to headlines, don't reinvent the wheel. Look to winning ads for ideas to borrow.

Case in point: Remember the ugly advertorial I wrote about last time? The one that's been raking in over $20,000 a month for 18 months?

Here's the advertorial headline:

advertorial headline
Guess where I got the idea? Take a look ...

is your pillow the problem
That ad, for My Pillow, ran for years in The Wall Street Journal and other publications. It's a proven winner. So I borrowed the headline and gave my own ad a built-in advantage.

Something to think about if you're ever searching for an advertorial headline.

And one more thing ...

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Kevin Donlin

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