Ugly Advertorial, Beautiful Profits

Some of my biggest hits as a copywriter have been downright ugly.

Like this advertorial article I wrote for Ben McClure and Jeff Giagnocavo, owners of Gardner’s Mattress & More in Lancaster, PA:

Advertorial by Kevin Donlin -- 20 to 1 ROIIt's plain-looking, almost 100% text ...

... and it's been pulling in over $20,000 in sales every month for the last 18 months, from an ad spend of only $1,000 (they run it in a free community magazine).

Two lessons from this advertorial:

1) Ugly. It can be beautiful -- and profitable.

Not always, but often enough to matter. I think it's because plain ads, postcards, and sales letters have an honest feel, like they were created by people and not robots using Photoshop.

Ugly also gets attention, without which there can be no sale.

2) Irresistible offers -- make them.

The thing I love about working with Jeff and Ben at Gardner’s is they never say no to my crazy ideas for offers ...

Me: "How about we give them a free pillow, just for coming in?"

Ben and Jeff: "Sure."

Me: "How about a coupon for $200 off?"

Ben and Jeff: "Sure."

Me: "How about lap dances and a keg?"

Ben and Jeff: "Wait, what?"

... okay, almost never.

Burn this into your brain: When you advertise -- in print, online, anywhere -- you are buying new clients. The more you can afford to invest in acquiring these assets, which is what clients are, the faster you can own your market.

It all starts when you know your numbers: What's the lifetime value (LTV) of a client for you? In other words, how much net profit will a client bring you over their buying lifetime?

The bigger the better, obviously.

Gardners sells mattresses for up to $20,000, so their average LTV is nice.  As a result, they can invest more than their competitors to make irresistible offers. And they pretty much own their market in Pennsylvania.

So, to sum up:

1) Don't be afraid to go ugly in your marketing.

2) Make the most irresistible offer you can afford to acquire a client.

One more thing: You probably can't afford to hire me to write an advertorial like this one. Not unless your budget is a solid 5 figures.

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Kevin Donlin

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