Visual Persuasion: How to Sell Without Words

Yesterday, when I wrote about using pictures in your marketing, I committed a sacrilege.

Because I'm a copywriter. I earn a living from words ...

... and I told you to use more *pictures* in your marketing. Visual persuasion. That can be your ticket.

Hey, if pictures outsell words, then words be damned.

Don't forget: Humans have been seeing for as long as we've been humans -- about 200,000 years. But we've only been reading for about 5,000 years.

Big difference. That's why Visual persuasion can work so well. Because vision trumps all our senses. And when it comes to vision, pictures trump words.

In the Brain Rules, author John Medina writes: "We learn and remember best through pictures, not through written or spoken words."

But pictures and words have one thing in common: Both are just tools to build your business with better marketing. Whatever works best, use it.

Anyway, using pictures in your marketing can be as easy as combining two images that don't belong together.

Here's an example, from the National Health Service in Scotland:

visual persuasionBleh. Yuck.

Mission accomplished. With one picture and four words.

Bottom line: If pictures outsell words, use more pictures to sell more stuff.

And if you want to sell more stuff ...

The December issue of Marketing Multipliers contains the best tool I've ever seen to use pictures and sell without words.

I call it The Visual USP Maker.

It delivers dramatic proof, at a glance, that your service or product is different. And superior.

I built it for a client who paid me $78,000. But you get it at no charge, as part of your Marketing Multipliers membership.

Zero. Zip. NO extra charge.

All you have to do is try Marketing Multipliers for free -- before Monday, December 5.

It's easy:

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Kevin Donlin

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