How Do I Get New Clients?

How do you get new clients for your business? To find out ... you simply have to look at what's working now. Start by asking this question, which I ask myself at the end of every quarter: "How did I get new clients in the past 90 days?" The answers are always -- ALWAYS --…
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Visual USP Maker

Visual USP Maker I’m about to commit a sacrilege. Because I’m a copywriter. I earn a living from words. And I’m about to tell you use more pictures in your marketing. It’s called the visual USP. Here’s why: We humans have been looking at images for as long as we’ve been humans -- about 200,000…
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The New Client Welcome Box

New Client Welcome Box You may have heard of a “Shock and Awe Box.” And you may have heard it’s a good idea. But you may have been unclear about what goes into one ... or whom to send one to ... or you may have been too intimidated by the cost or effort to…
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