Switch on More Profits: The Media Switch Technique

If you want a brain-dead simple way to double or even triple your profits ... ... here's all you do: Switch a successful marketing message from one communications medium to another. Because what works well in one can work EXTREMELY well in another. Here are just a few examples of this "Media Switch" Technique: *…
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More Profits from Less Technology: The Ideal Client Card

Fact: You can’t hit a target you can’t see. So, if you have clients and you want more ... ... why not create *targets* of your clients? Especially ideal clients. The people you would clone, if you could. Now. You may have been told to create “customer avatars” ... or use demographics like age, income,…
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Newsletter or News Letter? The Answer May Surprise You

You've probably heard: A printed newsletter can build your business. A newsletter increases retention, referrals, and revenues when it shows up in the mailbox of your prospects and clients every month. And, yet ... you probably don't send a newsletter, do you? I know the feeling. A newsletter takes time and money to assemble and…
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