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Client Reactivation Email: Simple Tool to Jumpstart Your Sales

Across the street from my office on France Ave. is a successful grocery store, Lunds & Byerleys. They do something smart to bring customers back to their store. It costs them almost nothing. And you can steal the idea for free. Take a look ... There's a stack of these "FREE Knife Sharpening" sleeves at…
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The Client Reactivation Email

Last week I wrote about how to enjoy new profits from old clients, with The Client Reactivation Letter. But maybe you haven't had time to try that idea yet. So ... how about something easier? Something that can unlock new profits for you before dinner today. If so, try the 22-word email below. I call…
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New Profits, Old Market: The Client Reactivation Letter

Are you looking for new clients? If so, don't do this ... Don't spend 90% of your time beating the bushes, trying to convince strangers to buy ... when there's a rich, untapped market silently waiting to give you money. This untapped market: * knows you * trusts you * has money to pay you,…
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