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The New Client Welcome Box

New Client Welcome Box You may have heard of a “Shock and Awe Box.” And you may have heard it’s a good idea. But you may have been unclear about what goes into one ... or whom to send one to ... or you may have been too intimidated by the cost or effort to…
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Client Reactivation Email Example

  The Client Reactivation Email Example Fact: Next to referrals, your inactive clients are the easiest people to sell to. Think about it. You’ve already paid to bring them into your business (so there’s zero acquisition cost). And they already trusted you enough to give you money before (so you’re not selling to strangers). As…
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Virtual Meetings vs Face-to-Face

“Virtual Meetings vs Face-to-Face” You probably talk to prospective clients on the phone almost every day. After each call, you probably send them an email, and you may even mail them a thank-you note. Those are all pretty much a requirement if you want to be in the game. But what if you could meet…
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