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The Remarkable Service Secret to 43 Years of Profits?

This is Bruce. Bruce is remarkable. And Bruce can make your business more profitable. Here's the story ... While waiting at gate today for my Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Minneapolis, I was seated next to Captain Bruce. Suddenly, a passenger rushed up to him, agitated. "I left a book I was reading on…
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Unhappy? So Are My Clients

Now the Donald Trump is president, half of America is happy. The other half is despondent. You want to know who else is unhappy? Some of my copywriting clients. That's right. Despite what you may have heard, I'm not perfect. To prove that, here's a comment from a client I refunded, because he wasn't happy…
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Your Clients Want More Value. Here’s How to Give it to Them

Do you own a business? If so, it's tough out there. The economy is stuck in first gear. The election is a flaming diaper mountain. And your clients want more than ever. Example: 63% of small business owners think consumers have higher expectations than 5 years ago ... and among those business owners, 71% think…
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