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Small Changes, Big ROI: The Miracle of CRO

Do you use landing pages? Sales letters? Or print ads? If so, you'll enjoy this conversion rate optimization (CRO) case study, which could deliver a windfall of 30% or more, from the same marketing you're doing right now. Here's the story: My client wanted me to improve their landing page and generate more leads. Their…
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How to Profit from The Conversion Formula

There's a very smart bunch of marketers over at They've found, over many years and thousands of tests, that conversion rates can be optimized based on this copyrighted formula: C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) – 2a focuses on websites and emails, but the Conversion Formula applies online and off. Now. Fully…
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Increase Website Conversions Now: The $300-Million Button

Want to increase website conversions? If so, small actions can deliver big results. Like $300 million in sales, for instance. Or $462,363. Or even $29,900. Here's the story ... Jared Spool fixes e-commerce web sites. One of his clients, a $25-billion retailer, required new customers to click "register" before making a purchase. The web designers…
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