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Online Marketing vs. Direct Mail? You Need Both

The question, Online Marketing vs. Direct Mail? is WRONG. It's not an either-or proposition. You need both. Why? If you sell a service or product online that costs more than $100, you will struggle to sell it via online marketing alone. Because the higher your price, the more your prospects must trust you before opening…
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How to Take Online Marketing Offline: Facebook + Direct Mail

Ever wonder how to take online marketing offline? And build your business faster? Here's how ... My friend Scott Whitaker, sent me an email today that I though was so important, I wanted to share it with you here. It's a simple way to use direct mail to take your online relationships -- like those…
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Is This The Perfect Direct Mail Promotion?

Below is a winning direct mail promotion that's so good, it could be a perfect. And you can easily copy it, with a little effort. Here's the story ... The 3 most important parts of any promotion, according to Gary Halbert (a titan of marketing and copywriting) are, in order: 1. The list 2. The…
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