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The Email with an Open Rate of 100%

ant to see an email with a 100% open rate? It's ... a FedEx Letter. Okay, I cheated. It's not an email. But a FedEx Letter does have a 100% open rate. And a FedEx Letter is a better answer to a better question. Instead of asking, "How can I get more prospects to read…
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The Email With a 100% Open Rate

You can't expect an open rate of 100% on your email. Or can you? Actually, yes, you can get your emails opened 100% of the time. It's simple. I do it all the time. Do this: Print your email and send it FedEx. Let me explain ... Ordinary email gets opened about 10-25% of the…
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How to Nurture New Profits From Old Leads With Email

What can blow a hole in the bottom of your business faster than a visit from the IRS? Lack of follow up. Which is a shame. Because you work HARD to market your business. You make phone calls, you write emails, you earn referrals ... ... and then you fall on your face by failing…
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