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New Marketing Ideas From Old Ideas

Looking for new marketing ideas? Here's how to find them ... Let's start with strategic consulting. It's a relatively new idea. It's only been around since 1963, when the Boston Consulting Group first opened their doors. But is it really a new idea? If you look deeper, you see that strategic consulting is just a…
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Small Business Innovation for Growth, Joy, and Profit

Today is the first day of spring. As we say in Minnesota, "Hell yeah, baby!" It's a day to ponder new growth, more green, and the joy of life. Which, come to think of it, is a nice description for small business innovation. If you're not experiencing at least some growth and joy every day…
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You Don’t Need to Have Great Ideas if You Hear Great Ideas

One of the books I'm reading this week is "The Advertising Solution," co-written by my colleague, Craig Simpson. You should get it. Yesterday. It's that good. It's a combination history lesson and user manual for effective advertising. I wish it had been written in 1994, when I started in marketing. The 6 titans in the…
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