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Process Goals or Outcome Goals?

Most of us set Outcome Goals, like "Make 10 sales." But many of us fall short, get frustrated and quit. Why? Because Outcome Goals by themselves don't help you succeed. The solution? Try setting Process Goals that virtually guarantee success. You'll find that you reach your Outcome Goals nearly all of the time. The secret?…
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How Do You Follow Up With Prospects by Email?

Without being a pest? Be useful. Specifically, every time you send an email to a prospect, offer them useful information. Be so valuable to people that they are happy to hear from you, even if they don't buy (yet). Here's what you'll find: More people will make more time for your sales message ... which…
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Want Free Advertising? Here’s The Simple Secret

Do you own or do the marketing for a small business? If so, you know how valuable word of mouth advertising is. Because when your clients tell others and feed your business with referrals -- via free advertising -- that's a good thing. Want some free word of mouth of your own? Be like my…
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