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The $600-Million Itch: Emotional Response Copywriting

If you're reading this, you probably own a business. Which means you sell stuff. Okay, pop quiz: How does your stuff tap into the deepest desires of your prospects? What deep emotional "itches" do your prospects have? And how can you scratch those itches? Those are questions worth answering, especially if you have tons of…
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Marketing: The Best Investment on Earth?

My favorite definition of marketing is “making selling unnecessary.” But it’s a bigger idea than that ... ... because marketing is actually the best investment on earth. Marketing is an investment because, done correctly, it’s a moneymaking asset that repays you many times over -- just like any good stock or real estate property. And…
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More Profits from Less Technology: The Ideal Client Card

Fact: You can’t hit a target you can’t see. So, if you have clients and you want more ... ... why not create *targets* of your clients? Especially ideal clients. The people you would clone, if you could. Now. You may have been told to create “customer avatars” ... or use demographics like age, income,…
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