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Creative Destruction In Your Business: How To Avoid It

Want to avoid creative destruction in your business? Then you can learn from the story of two men. One man is doing nothing and is in trouble. The other is taking action and will do fine. The first man is a taxi driver I met last week in Toronto. Poor dude waited an hour outside…
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Is This The Most Common Marketing Mistake?

Here's a question I hear a lot: "What's the most common marketing mistake you see business owners making?" And here's the mistake I see most: Taking short-term, tactical actions without a long-term, strategic plan. In other words, chasing shiny objects. It's a fact: Most business owners don't PLAN their marketing. They just REACT to daily…
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How to Solve the Profit Puzzle in Your Business

Did you know? The average person spends one hour and 42 minutes a week going to the toilet, according to a survey in The Scotsman, Scotland's national newspaper. That adds up to 88 hours a year. More than two work weeks in the can. Time enough to read a book or two ... or 10.…
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