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The Simple Letter To Increase Referrals

Want to increase referrals? Good. Because in this post, I'll show you how to write a simple letter yourself to increase your referrals 3 ways. Total cost: Less than a buck. What is it? A handwritten thank-you note. I know, I know. That probably offends your intelligence. Were you hoping for something more complicated? Good!…
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Want More Referrals? Don’t Forget This

Want more referrals for your business? Use more positive reinforcement. It works on dogs, college roommates ... and referrals. It's simple: Any behavior you reward will likely happen again. * If your dog rolls over, reward her with a treat. She'll likely do it again. * If your college roommate finally picks up his dirty…
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Want More Clients? Get Personal

News flash: Your clients don't buy from your business. They buy from you. And you are a person. The more personal connections you make with clients, the more they will get to know and like you as a person. The more they will buy from you. And the more they will refer you to other…
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