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How to Grow Your Own Dream Clients – The $1.5 Billion Secret

Want more dream clients -- without advertising? If so, this may be the most important message you read all year. Here's the $1.5-billion story. Ben Feldman was the greatest salesman who ever lived. For 52 years, from 1941 to 1993, he sold life insurance for New York Life. Ben was short, chubby, and balding. He…
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New Sales from Old Clients: The $78,000 Referral Success Story

Where are your best clients? Under your nose. Want proof? Your probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%, according to Marketing Metrics. That matches my experience. Yours, too, of course. Because selling to strangers ain't easy, no matter how warmed up they are. HOWEVER. Your probability of selling to an existing client is…
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Your Business, Made Remarkable And More Profitable

Ever taken a taxi car to the airport? If so, did they mail you a handwritten thank-you note? I got one from All-Star Transportation, in Troy, Michigan. Check it out ... These guys are GOOD. And SMART. First, the GOOD part. The town car was waiting in our driveway at 4:45 AM for my 5:00…
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