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More About The Visual USP

This will be a weird blog post, even for me. Because I’m a copywriter. I earn a living from words. Yet I’m about to tell you to use *pictures* in your marketing. Here’s why: We humans have been looking at images for about 200,000 years. But we’ve only been reading words for about 5,000 years.…
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The Visual USP: Game Changer for your Business?

What's a Visual USP? And how can it build your business? First, meet Jeremy Jones. He runs Jones Media Publishing and helps book authors expand their business. And Jeremy is smart. Because he uses the time that others waste. Case in point: He created a valuable marketing tool while sitting in a waiting room. Take…
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Visual USP: The Strange Secret of M&Ms

What's a Visual USP? A big deal for you, potentially, if you own a business ... ... because you KNOW you have to work hard to stand out from your competitors. One solution? A unique selling proposition (USP). First popularized in 1961 by Rosser Reeves in his book, "Reality In Advertising" (long out of print,…
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