New Profits From Old Clients: Case Study of Client Reactivation Email

That was fast.

Two days ago, I wrote about how to win new sales from your old clients with a 22-word Client Reactivation Email.

And one of my readers already had a BIG win with it.

So I want to share his story -- to inspire you -- and give you the Email Template again, so you can use it ASAP.

First, here's a screenshot of the email I got from Randy Schreiber yesterday:


Client Reactivation Email Success Story from
For easier reading, here's a summary of what he said:


I usually take hours to build nice newsletter style emails with pictures, links, buttons, pricing, products, text copy, etc... and I feel good that I am getting some communication out there but I get very little response back.  

A good email may have a 25%-30% open rate and only a handful of responses or questions. I haven't send a short text style email like the one you referenced but I thought I would give it a try.....


I sent a very similar email to about 1500 Home Improvement Contractors and within 1 hour I think I had received responses from about 40-50 which is HUGE for this group!

We received about 3-4 orders yesterday which I'm sure were a direct result of the email.

Randy Schreiber
GutterBrush LLC


Get that?

At least 3-4 orders, and the promise of more, from a list of inactive clients that used to ignore his longer, fancy emails.

Now, to help you enjoy similar results, here's the link to the blog post where I reveal how to send a Client Reactivation Email.

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