Client Reactivation Email: Simple Tool to Jumpstart Your Sales

Across the street from my office on France Ave. is a successful grocery store, Lunds & Byerleys.

They do something smart to bring customers back to their store. It costs them almost nothing. And you can steal the idea for free.

Take a look ...

Customer Reactivation Tool
There's a stack of these "FREE Knife Sharpening" sleeves at the meat counter.

And it's a beautiful win-win: Customers get a valuable free service and the store gets customers coming back in to pick up their knives (and buy more stuff) ... not to mention the word of mouth when they tell others (like I'm doing now).

Clever, eh?

Lunds & Byerleys are smart. They realize that anything you can do to bring your customers and clients back for more is a good thing.

Now, here's a variation of that idea you can "steal" and use today ...

It's called the Client Reactivation Email. It's only 22 words long. But it works like magic to bring back your inactive clients -- people who stopped buying from you, for whatever reason. Here's the email format:




Checking in to see how your October is going. Please let me know!

Beyond that, what can I do to help you?

That's it. Simple.

But don't let that fool you. I've used it to bring back old clients who paid up to $5,000 for new projects with me.

And one of my readers, Randy Schreiber, got a BIG win with it, too.

He writes: "I had to take a minute to share my experience with your Client Reactivation Email Tip ... WOW!!! I sent email to about 1500 Contractors and within 1 hour I think I had received responses from about 40-50 which is HUGE for this group! We received about 3-4 orders yesterday which I'm sure were a direct result of the email."


The Client Reactivation Email is exactly the kind of tool you get every month as a member of my Marketing Multipliers Club.

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And it's easy:

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