New Profits, Old Market: The Client Reactivation Letter

Are you looking for new clients?

If so, don't do this ...

Don't spend 90% of your time beating the bushes, trying to convince strangers to buy ... when there's a rich, untapped market silently waiting to give you money.

This untapped market:

* knows you
* trusts you
* has money to pay you, and
* wants you to succeed

This "new" market is ... your old clients.

Think about it.

If you're any good at what you do -- and you're not a total shitweasel -- you should have no trouble re-marketing to past clients.

How do you do it?

Try a Client Reactivation Letter.

In your letter, printed and mailed with a stamp (email is second best) tell your inactive clients that you miss them and you want them back. Then make them a special offer with a deadline. That's all there is to it.

When you do this, it's fairly predictable that you will get a cash-flow surge in your business.

Here's why: Your inactive clients probably don't hate you. You're not a shitweasel, remember? Instead, they probably just ... forgot about you. Hey, it happens. People get busy.

Now, as a copywriter, I write Client Reactivation Letters all the time for clients.

Here's an example below ...

Client Reactivation Letter from marketingmultipliers-com

And here's how my client, Kathleen Brogan, described the results she got with that letter: "This resulted in 50+ service calls. Nothing could be finer!!!"

Imagine ... how would it feel to get 50+ phone calls this week from pre-sold, qualified prospects -- your past clients?

Well, stop imagining. I can make it a reality for you.

Because you'll get your own "Client Reactivation Letter Templates" as a special Bonus Gift, when you enroll in my new ...

"Marketing Multipliers 4-Week Boot Camp."

These fill-in-the-blank letters can pay for the whole Boot Camp all by themselves.

Just copy, paste, and send them to your inactive clients and ... BOOM. Phone calls and orders usually start rolling in within 48 hours.

These letters have delivered windfalls to my clients of $19,800 ... $24,100 ... even $77,098.

Conservatively, they're worth $3,995 -- that's the least it would cost to hire me to write these letters for you. But they're yours FREE when you enroll in my "Marketing Multipliers 4-Week Boot Camp" today.

Guaranteed to deliver a payback of 10X on your tuition.  Or you pay nothing.

This guarantee protects your investment. And it compels me to produce the BEST business-building Boot Camp in America.

Sound fair?

If so, click here to grab your Client Reactivation Letters and reserve your spot.

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