The Client Reactivation Email

Last week I wrote about how to enjoy new profits from old clients, with The Client Reactivation Letter.

But maybe you haven't had time to try that idea yet.

So ... how about something easier? Something that can unlock new profits for you before dinner today.

If so, try the 22-word email below.

I call it ... The Client Reactivation Email.

Why should you care? Because, next to referrals, your inactive clients are the easiest people to sell to.

Think about it. They already trust you, because they gave you money before. So you’re not cold calling or selling to strangers.

And you’ve already paid to bring them into your business. So you pay no acquisition costs.

As a result, there are profits trapped in your client files, like water in a cactus.

And The Client Reactivation Email is an EASY way to tap into thousands of dollars in new sales from your old clients. It has for me.

Best part: It’s only 22 words long. Here it is below ...

Client reactivation email from-marketingmultipliers-com
I sent the above email to 5 inactive clients on April 14. I received 4 replies, like the one below ...

Client reactivation email reply-from-marketingmultipliers-com
... which led to two phone call, two new projects, and more than $5,600 in high-profit revenue, since my acquisition cost to get those projects was ZERO.

Want to try it?

The Client Reactivation Email is as easy as 1-2-3 ...

Step 1: Search your database of clients and find those you want to do business with again.

Step 2: Send them a Client Reactivation Email on a Tue., Wed. or Thu., when they’re not distracted by the weekend. Use this template:

Subject: Firstname


Checking in to see how your September is going. Please let me know!

Beyond that, what can I do to help you?

Step 3: Respond to replies. Answer any questions, provide suggestions, and ask for a phone interview, to exchange ideas and discuss possible projects. Then, sell those projects!

Note: The Client Reactivation Email is exactly the kind of tool you get every month as a member of my Marketing Multipliers Club.

Marketing Multipliers are simple tools ... low-cost or no-cost ... and they build your business without advertising.

If you own a business in the United States, you can try them for a buck here.

Kevin Donlin

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