Client Reactivation Email Example


The Client Reactivation Email Example

Fact: Next to referrals, your inactive clients are the easiest people to sell to.

Think about it. You’ve already paid to bring them into your business (so there’s zero acquisition cost). And they already trusted you enough to give you money before (so you’re not selling to strangers).

As a result ...

There Are Profits Trapped In Your
Client Files, Like Water In A Cactus

You see, every business -- including yours -- has inactive clients. People just stop buying from you. A consultant may consider a client inactive after 90 days. For a professional service, it may be 6 months. At what point are your clients inactive? Only you can answer that.

But once you’ve identified your inactive clients, you want to contact them on a regular basis.

That’s because the #1 reason most people stop buying from you is not because they hate you, or they moved, or they found another vendor -- it’s because they forgot about you. They stopped hearing from you, they think you took them for granted ... whatever.

It’s nobody’s fault. But it CAN be fixed.

Now, I normally suggest you reactivate dormant clients with a campaign of at least two letters and one email. But as a member of my Marketing Multipliers Club, I want to give you a simple tool that can work wonders right away. I call it ...

The Client Reactivation Email Example

... and it couldn’t be simpler or easier to use.

It’s only 22 words long. But it could unlock many thousands of dollars in sales for you. It has for me. 

graphic 1 - reactivation

I sent a client reactivation email example like the one above to 5 inactive clients on April 14. I received 4 replies, like the one below ...

graphic 2 -reactivation

... which led to two phone call, two new projects, and more than $5,600 in high-profit revenue, since my acquisition cost to get those projects was ZERO.

Here’s What To Do

Step 1: Search your database of clients and find those you want to do business with again.

Step 2: Send them a Client Reactivation Email Example on a Tue., Wed. or Thu., when they’re not distracted by the weekend. Use this format:

Subject: Firstname


Checking in to see how your June is going. Please let me know!

Beyond that, what can I do to help you?

Step 3: Respond to any replies. Answer any questions, provide suggestions, and ask for a phone interview, to exchange ideas and discuss possible projects. Then, sell those projects J!

One last thing. If you own a business in the U.S., you’re entitled to a Free Box of 11 Marketing Multipliers tools. Request your Free Trial Box now at



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