Forget Client Satisfaction. Here’s Client Delight

Do your clients send you gifts?

Mine do.

I have the best clients on earth.

They are smart. Fun to work with. And they send me cool stuff.

Like this quasi-legal Mushroom Coffee I got last week from my client, AG:

mushroom-coffeeI say quasi-legal because I expect the FDA to ban it any day now.

Drinking one cup is like sticking jumper cables in my ears ... then I pound my computer keyboard so fast, it sounds like an M-16 on full automatic. It's that good.


You'd mail me gifts, too, if I doubled your sales in 30 days. Which is what I did for AG. I started working for him in June and his sales exploded -- from $19,260 in May to $46,160 in July. That's an increase of 139%.

But wait.

This is not a pitch for my services ...

... because you probably can't afford me.

AG has happily paid me over $21,000 for copywriting and consulting. For a multi-million dollar business like his, that's a sweet investment.

And even if you could afford me, my schedule is full. I have 5 retainer clients and no room for more.

However ...

... there is a way I can work with you personally and help grow your business for a fraction of what others have paid.

Announcing my new "Marketing Multipliers 4-Week Boot Camp."

The goal: To grow your business faster than you ever could by yourself.

In 4 remarkable weeks -- by email and phone -- you get my personal help to nurture and convert more leads ... retain clients longer ... and actually clone your best clients.

Guaranteed to deliver a payback of 10X your investment. Or it’s free.

You'll hear more about it in the coming days ... if we don't sell out.

However, there is one requirement: You must watch a free preview video first, with an example lesson from week 3.

Even if you don’t enroll in the Boot Camp, the free preview video can build your business. You should watch the video (only 6 minutes long), then decide if the Boot Camp is right for you.

Fair enough?

Okay, click here to watch the preview video.

(If the link doesn't work, we sold out. Sorry.)

Kevin Donlin

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