Holiday Greetings For Your Customers

Holiday Greetings!

You’re likely familiar with the acronym AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

For your marketing to make a sale, you must first get the Attention of your prospects. If you don’t get attention, nothing else matters. No attention = No sale.

The legendary copywriter Robert Collier gave us a secret for getting attention in his 1934 masterpiece, The Robert Collier Letter Book: “Join the conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind.”

Tip: One of the easiest ways to enter your prospects’ inner dialogue is to tie your promotions to the calendar. Because everyone is thinking about seasons and holidays to a certain extent.

Many of the most successful promotions I’ve created since 1995 have been tied to the calendar. Example: a 23.02% response and a 683% ROI on a flea-and-tick promotion I wrote for client Steve Adams and his Pet Supplies Plus stores, mailed at the start of spring -- perfectly tied to the calendar.

Or a promotion (on the next page) that was mailed during holiday season, for my client Kathleen Brogan and her HVAC repair service. Her comments:

Kevin, I am so grateful you came into our lives. You wrote our “20-year anniversary” sales letter of appreciation -- this resulted in 50+ service calls. Nothing could be finer!

So, with holidays fast approaching, you have 3 opportunities to build your business using the calendar.

  • Thank (and retain) your top 10 clients. Mail them a Thanksgiving card, to thank them for their business and reaffirm your desire to help them.
  • Thank (and encourage referrals from) your top 10 referral partners. Mail them a holiday card, to thank them for their referrals and reaffirm your desire to help them.
  • Thank (and make sales to) your top 10 prospects. Mail them a Thanksgiving card, to thank them for their time and attention, and reaffirm your desire to help them.

Now, as my holiday gift to you, turn the page for a sales letter template you can customize and use to build your business today ...

holiday greetings

sample holiday email

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