Your Clients Want More Value. Here’s How to Give it to Them

Do you own a business?

If so, it's tough out there.

The economy is stuck in first gear.

The election is a flaming diaper mountain.

And your clients want more than ever.

Example: 63% of small business owners think consumers have higher expectations than 5 years ago ... and among those business owners, 71% think consumers expect more value (source: Direct Marketing News).

So, if 71% of your clients expect more, here's an idea ...


Best part: You can give more value without cutting prices. Simply give your clients any of these:

* extra information to help them use your product/service
* faster delivery
* monthly payments to make it easy on their budget
* little surprises (like a thank-you note or gift)
* rapid response to questions

Bottom line: Yes, business is tough.

But unlike the economy or the election, you can DO something about it. You can give your clients what they want -- more value.

One other thing ...

... you might think, "My business is different. I can't do give clients anything more without giving away the store."

Wrong, Grasshopper.

Any business, in any economy can find a way to give more value to clients.

And I will prove it to you. By phone.

Here's how ...

If you give Marketing Multipliers a try today, I'll give you a Free Skull Session by phone. One 20-minute call with me could deliver a huge breakthrough for you.

After people talk to me, they say things like this: "Within 24 hours ... I put the principles into practice by making some calls to existing clients for my company. One call netted a sale for $193,000. This stuff works!" - David Bullock, Fanuc Robotics, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Conservatively, your Skull Session with me is a $295 value. That's what I charge for 20 minutes on the phone.

But it's yours at no cost. Gratis. Free. No cost. El freebo.

But only if you respond today, okay?

It's easy:

1) Try Marketing Multipliers for a buck here

2) Reply to your email receipt and request your free Skull Session

Kevin Donlin

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