How to Breed New Clients Without a License

In his book, Customer Loyalty Is Priceless, Jeffrey Gitomer writes:

“Suppose you decided to make one customer ecstatic every day. What would happen?

“Well, the first few days -- nothing.

“Then, after a week or two, people would start to call and re-order. You’d start to get thank-you letters, unsolicited referrals, and things that prove the customer you made ecstatic was breeding their loyalty.”

Key idea: Ecstatic customers and clients breed. They multiply. Which is nice for your business.

The dictionary defines ecstatic as “feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement.”

So, here’s your challenge: Make one client overwhelmingly happy or joyfully excited today. To the point that they tell others about you, which makes your business literally remarkable ... referral driven ... and super profitable.

This is not rocket surgery.

Because, when it comes to delivering a remarkable experience that leaves customers ecstatic, most businesses suck.

I know this because I used to live and work in Japan. Where the customer is not king. The customer is GOD. And I went back a few months ago on vacation.

Here are just 3 examples of Japanese service that made me ecstatic:

1) The clerk at the post office who gave me a free bag of tissues after my purchase of *one* stamp. (When’s the last time you got anything free at a post office, except a hassle?)

2) The cashier at 7-Eleven who raced -- and I mean knees-up sprinting -- to open a new register after 3 people lined up behind the other register. (When’s the last time you saw any retail employee running anywhere except to their car after work?)

3) The taxi driver who chatted up my daughter and me as he drove us to the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, telling us a story about the man behind it, Hayao Miyazaki, who happened to be his neighbor. (When’s the last time you recalled one snippet of conversation with a friendly taxi driver?)

I could go on.

But here's my point: NONE of those examples of remarkable service cost a nickel to deliver. Yet each made me an ecstatic customer.

If I still lived in Tokyo, I would keep going to that post office, that 7-Eleven, and that taxi driver ... and I would tell my friends.

Your takeaway: Do something TODAY to delight and surprise just one client:

* Give away something free with their order
* Hustle to help them
* Ask about their personal life and tell them a story that resonates

The alternative? You can keep delivering average, sucky service. And then wonder why somebody took all your clients.

Somebody can always beat you on price. But nobody can beat you on service to your clients. Not if you really care.

Really, why settle for anything less than ecstatic clients, who buy again and tell others? You don’t have to. More importantly, you can’t afford to.

Note: Remarkable service that costs you nothing to deliver is a Marketing Multiplier -- a small action that delivers big profits.

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