Sex Toys For My Wife? The Ideal Client Experience For Solopreneurs

I don't often get emails about client experience that are also about sex toys ...

... but when I do, they're pretty cool.

Like this email I got from Peter D. from Queenstown, MD, a member of my Marketing Multipliers Club.

He writes:

My wife gets a pink sparkly package in the mail each month. It looks like it's from a sex shop or something.

I asked her what it is. She said, "It's something that makes me happy." I still don’t know what's in it nor do I really care, but I think it's something new each month, like eye liner.

I walked by my wife with your box in hand and I said, "Do you know what's in here? It's something that makes me happy."

I like not knowing what's in the box each month. It's my sparkly package that makes me happy. I actually go to a quiet room in my home and let it sit there until I am ready to open it.

What's Peter talking about?

I'll explain in a moment.

First, understand this: Getting *that* kind of emotional reaction from clients -- "It's my sparkly package that makes me happy" -- is the kind of client experience every business owner should aim for.

When clients look forward to your product or service like it's a new iPhone or box of chocolates.

That turns transactions into experiences ... and clients into raving fans.

And what Paul is talking about is EXACTLY the kind of reaction I try to engineer every month for members of my Marketing Multipliers Club.

You see, it's the world's first subscription box of marketing tools and surprises for solopreneurs.

Members love it. Because it makes them wealthy, wise, and happy. Every month.

And you can try your first box FREE.

I can't promise it will deliver "sex toy" levels of excitement ...

... but it can make your income bigger.

Size matters, you know.

It's easy:

1) Try Marketing Multipliers at no cost here -

2) Look for it in your mailbox in about 5 days

Kevin Donlin

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