The New Client Welcome Box

New Client Welcome Box

You may have heard of a “Shock and Awe Box.” And you may have heard it’s a good idea.

But you may have been unclear about what goes into one ... or whom to send one to ... or you may have been too intimidated by the cost or effort to create  a new client welcome box for your business.

As a result, you’re probably not benefiting from this powerful way to build your business.

So let’s change that. And in the true spirit of Marketing Multipliers, let’s turn the complex, general concept of Shock and Awe Box into something simple you can use today -- The New Client Welcome Box.

First, I’ll define what a Shock and Awe Box is. Then I’ll help you create The Welcome Box.

The Shock and Awe Box is an information kit, a package you deliver physically. It “shocks” the recipient because of the overwhelming amount of stuff inside ... and “awes” them into admiring and wanting to do business with you.

The Problem With “Shock And Awe”

There are two problems, actually. And I’ve seen them crop up over and over.

Problem #1: The very thing that shocks” the recipients -- the overwhelming amount of stuff inside the box -- also prevents business owners from creating a Shock and Awe Box in the first place. Because who wants to create all that? Who has CDs, DVDs, books, and all that other stuff? I get it.

Problem #2: When and to whom do you send a Shock and Awe Box, anyway? To prospects? Referral partners? Clients? It can be hard to know where to start. I get it.

These two problems, more than any other, keep most entrepreneurs from using Shock and Awe.

Solution: The New Client Welcome Box

The New Client Welcome Box, which I started developing two years ago, solves both problems.

First, while my latest version now includes 5 items, my first one had just 3 -- and you can get by with just two items. Today. I’ll show you how.

Second, stop worrying about whom to send boxes to. Start simply and send them to the most important people on earth -- your clients, to welcome them after their first purchase. Here’s how ....

The Welcome Box: Client Delight Made Simple

If you send a Welcome Box to new clients, you can expect more referrals, better compliance (they will do what you ask), and better retention, among other benefits. Because after getting a Welcome Box from you, your clients will have an urge to do something nice in return. This concept is known as reciprocity -- and it can kick your business into high gear.

Plus, a Welcome Box can reduce buyer’s remorse by reinforcing the good feelings that made people buy in the first place. When your new client opens the box and thinks, “Wow, these guys are great!” they are NOT thinking about a refund. Instead, they are delightfully surprised, they feel good about their purchase -- and they want to tell others. What’s that worth to you?

What Goes In Your Welcome Box?

Short answer: Anything useful, enjoyable, and legal can go inside. There are no limits.

My first Welcome Box contained just 3 items: a Starbucks Gift Card, copy of an article I wrote, and a branded coffee mug from My current Welcome Box has 5 items:

new client welcome box

You’re looking at a copy of my published article on The 80/20 Rule, Client Cloning Systems coffee mug (in a styrofoam box), copy of my book, Referral Thank-You Postcard, Starbucks Gift Card, and two-page Welcome Letter.

IMPORTANT: Do not be intimidated by the type or amount of stuff you see there. If you wait until you have all those things created or assembled, you will never get started. When it comes to sending a Welcome Box to your new clients, the important thing is to start!!! My first box had only 3 items, remember? It evolved over time into what it is now. Had I never started, I would have never arrived.

Here’s a short list of items you can include in your first Welcome Box ...

  • Welcome letter. You want to thank your new clients, educate them on how your business works, and start training them to refer others. Start small and add to this letter over time.
  • Social proof, in the form of testimonials, case studies, blog articles you’ve written, magazine articles (even if you didn’t write them!), books, and/or copies of interviews you’ve done on radio or TV. This increases your clients’ confidence in you -- all of which makes it easier for you to retain them, resell to them, and earn their referrals.
  • Food gifts like chocolate, coffee, popcorn, etc. all appeal to your clients’ sense of taste. Which give you an extra way to (literally) make them feel good about you. Food turns your business into an experience ... and who wouldn’t want that?
  • Branded merchandise. One of your goals should be ubiquity -- to be everywhere your prospects look. While you can’t afford to run TV or radio ads, or plaster your name on every billboard in town, you can afford to put your coffee mug on their desk, your note pads on their refrigerator, and your water bottles in their car. And no matter what you make or sell, you can do all of this in about 20 minutes at

If the lifetime value of a new client to your business is just $1,000 or more, there’s virtually no way a Welcome Box won’t repay you many times over.

And if your clients are not worth $1,000 over their buying lifetime? You need to fix your business and raise that number.

Bottom line: Do NOT over complicate this! That would go against everything Marketing Multipliers stand for. Simply start, today, and mail a box of 2-3 items that you know your clients will appreciate. You can add more stuff over time. But you can’t improve something you haven’t started.

One last thing. If you own a business in the U.S., you’re entitled to a Free Box of 11 Marketing Multipliers tools. Request your Free Trial Box now at




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