The Remarkable Service Secret to 43 Years of Profits?

This is Bruce.

Bruce is remarkable.

And Bruce can make your business more profitable.

Here's the story ...

While waiting at gate today for my Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Minneapolis, I was seated next to Captain Bruce.

Suddenly, a passenger rushed up to him, agitated. "I left a book I was reading on the plane. Can I go back in and get it?"

Bruce said, "No, sorry. You're a security risk after you deplane, but I can get it for you."

Southwest has no assigned seats, of course, so all the passenger could say was, "I think it was 3/4 of the way back on right side of plane."

"No problem, I'll get it," said Bruce.

Five minutes later (I was counting) he emerged with the book. The passenger thanked him profusely and I asked to snap Bruce's picture, so I could share this story. He kindly agreed.

Here's what makes this remarkable: What Captain Bruce did had nothing to do with his job description or the core competency of Southwest, both of which are flying.

It was a simple act of SERVICE that went above and beyond.

You would have expected Capt. Bruce to say, "Sorry, you'll have to ask someone else to find your book." But instead of pulling rank and avoiding the problem, he pitched in and solved it.

The best part? Unexpected service can't be automated or off-shored for $2/hr. No multi-million dollar technology or complicated marketing funnels needed.

Something as simple and NO-cost as a pilot fetching a lost book is remarkable -- I'm remarking about it here. Plus, I'm always going to fly Southwest if possible. Because service like this is common with them, as I've discovered.

And remarkable service is a big reason why Southwest Airlines has been profitable for 43 straight years, a record unmatched by any other U.S. airline ... most of which haven't been in business for 43 years, let alone profitable.

Do you see how easy this is? And what a screaming opportunity service is for you to create a competitive advantage? Especially if you're in an industry known for sh*tty service, which is ... pretty much every industry.

Any business, in any country, in any economy can find a path to success by delivering service that surprises and delights.

And I'll get on the phone and prove it to you.

Here's how ...

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Kevin Donlin

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