I’m embarrassed. But I’m learning. And my clients are richer

"Anyone who isn't embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn't learning enough." - Alain de Botton
I'm embarrassed.

But I'm learning.

And my clients are richer for it.

Let me explain ...

Last year, I wrote an email promotion for one of my retainer clients that sold out a weekend boot camp. I don't have access to dollar amounts, but they were thrilled.

A few months later, I wrote a similar email promotion. It did NOT do as well. The clients was not thrilled. Neither was I.

Can you guess what happened?

I had left out a crucial element in the email promotion: the countdown timer.

You see, few things can ratchet up the urgency and make your offer as compelling as a countdown timer.

When people actually see the clock is ticking and they may lose out on something, more of them buy. A countdown timer is one of my secret weapons for online promotions.

Anyway, after doing a post-mortem on the bad promotion and realizing my mistake, I added "countdown timer" to my project checklist. Now I can't forget the damn thing.

And here's what happened next ...

... I generated $44,837 last month for that same client, with an email promotion that included countdown timers.

Their goal was to sell 100 DVDs ... and we sold 211. So, yeah, that worked out well. We more than doubled our sales goal.

Moral: It's okay to be embarrassed by last year's you. It just means that this year's you is smarter.

Finally, it's never been harder, yet more important, to protect your confidence as an entrepreneur than today. And it's only going to get worse.

Social media and the mainstream media will infect you with self-doubt about the value of work and free markets ...

... unless you've got access to the right mindset, support, and tools to build your business.

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Kevin Donlin

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