The Staggering Secret of Success in Business

secret of success in business"Success consists in staggering from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."
- Anonymous

Hey, I've discovered the secret of success in business!

Because I've been staggering from failure to failure in business since 1996.

Example: A few years ago, I had good results mailing letters in bottles for clients. The bottles got opened. Response rates were high.

So I decided to mail letters in bottles to promote my copywriting service. I was so excited by the idea that I forgot a cardinal rule of direct mail: The quickest way to go broke is to mail the whole list.

In other words, test any offer by mailing it to a small segment of the list. Only if it works do you mail it in big numbers.

But I was 1,000% convinced my letter in a bottle was a winner. So I mailed it to 5,000 names at once, at a cost of over $12,000.

Can you guess what happened?


Not just failure, failure on stilts.

Flaming-dumpster-full-of-diapers level failure.

I got one response from 5,000 bottles. And that guy turned out to be a nut job.

But did I get smarter and better as a result?


Because there's no better teacher, at least for me, than failure. And I always experiment on myself before trying an idea on clients. So that lesson burned itself deep into my brain.

In the long run, the "5,000 letters in a bottle fiasco" was actually a success for me and my clients.

Bottom line: Don't trust anyone talks about the secret of success in business unless they also share their failures. That's like trusting a guitar teacher who doesn't have calluses on their fingers. Battle scars are good.

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