Increase Website Conversions Now: The $300-Million Button

Want to increase website conversions?

If so, small actions can deliver big results.

Like $300 million in sales, for instance.

Or $462,363.

Or even $29,900.

Here's the story ...

Jared Spool fixes e-commerce web sites.

One of his clients, a $25-billion retailer, required new customers to click "register" before making a purchase. The web designers assumed that new customers wouldn't mind creating an account.

They were wrong.

Spool's team studied people using the site and found that requiring people to register turned a sizeable number of them away without buying.

So Spool made a small change, replacing the "register" button with "continue." This let people buy without creating an account.

The result?

Sales surged 45% -- a gain of $15 million in 30 days ... and $300 million in the first year.

Your Takeaway: Opinions about your web site are nice. But how customers behave is all that matters. And the only way to know for sure is to test and track web page designs to see what's actually making you money.

I do it for my clients.

Like the 43% sales increase I got for one client last year -- an EXTRA $462,363 -- by removing a banner ad from the top of his web site.

Or the 139% sales increase I got for another client this past July -- an EXTRA $29,900 a month -- by changing the emotional focus of his copy from gain to pain.

So, small actions can have big results if you want to increase website conversions. But you can only see them if your eyes are open and you're fully engaged.

Something to think about.

And here's one more thing ...

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Kevin Donlin

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