How to Profit from The Conversion Formula

The Conversion FormulaThere's a very smart bunch of marketers over at

They've found, over many years and thousands of tests, that conversion rates can be optimized based on this copyrighted formula:

C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) – 2a focuses on websites and emails, but the Conversion Formula applies online and off.

Now. Fully 98% of copywriters and marketers either don't know or don't understand this. Just ask them.

But as a marketing fanatic who's been at this since 1994, I do.

Here's how The Conversion Formula breaks down:

C = conversion rate
m = motivation of the prospect
v = the value proposition's clarity and power
i = incentive to convert
f = friction in the conversion process
a = anxiety

The #1 positive influence in that list is motivation, followed by value proposition and incentive to convert. Anything you do to increase those influences will increase your conversions.

The negative influences are friction and anxiety. Anything you do to decrease those influences will increase your conversions.

In other words, when you accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, you convert more.

Now, here's how to use all 5 parts of The Conversion Formula ...

1) Motivation: By pushing the right emotional hot buttons, you can sidestep logic and move people to act. Example: Corvettes are bought by divorced middle-age men who for reasons of emotion, not logic. And your prospects all have the same hot buttons to push.

2) Value proposition: Why you and not the other guys?

3) Incentive to convert: Why now and not later?

4) Friction: Is your website hard to read? Is the copy unclear? Bye-bye prospect

5) Anxiety: Why should I trust you with my information/time/money/reputation?

I hope you find this information helpful!

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