Direct Mail For Busy, Smart Entrepreneurs

What's an effective way to get attention in a high-tech world?

Try a postcard.

Here's the story: Researchers at a high-tech company in Belgium wanted to attract people for a job. So they ran an experiment, according to The Wall Street Journal (May 3, 2013).

They sent 998 people an advertisement by email. The other 998 got the same advertisement by postcard.

And guess what?

Eleven people responded to the email ... and 51 people responded to the postcard.

When you do the math, a postcard was 364% more effective than email. And the postcard respondents were better qualified, according to the story.

The lesson: Never leave direct mail out of your marketing mix. If you do, it's like leaving the bun off your hot dog -- you're stuck with a hot mess.

Something to think about.

And here's one more thing ...

... if you've ever wanted to try direct mail but didn't know where to start ...

... or you've tried direct mail, but didn't get good results ...

... here's a solution: The Paper Email.

It's direct mail for busy people.

It's fast. Easy. Cheap.

And it works.

I invented it by accident about 6 years ago.

Since then, I've used the Paper Email to get attention (and sales!) from busy executives and entrepreneurs ... magazine editors ... even Seth Godin (he called me from his car).

Anyway, if you can write an email, stuff an envelope, and lick a stamp, the Paper Email can build your business.

And I'll help you create one in my all-new ...

"Marketing Multipliers 4-Week Boot Camp."

The goal: To grow your business faster than you ever could by yourself.

In just 4 weeks -- by email and phone -- you get my personal help to nurture and convert more leads ... retain clients longer ... and actually clone your best clients.

And in Week Two, "Convert Leads to Clients," I help you create your own Paper Email.

It takes just a few minutes to create and deliver. It’s invisible to your competitors. And it lets you finally get paid what you're worth.

Example: "I sent out 6 letters and received 2 full price paying customers. Looking at how I used to send only emails, I would not have had those 2 clients if I had not sent the letters using one of the Paper Email templates you gave us."
- Dennis Neitz, Sales Trainer,, Cottage Grove, MN

The Paper Email is just one of nearly a dozen tools I will create with you in the "Marketing Multipliers 4-Week Boot Camp."

Guaranteed to deliver a payback of 10X on your tuition.  Or you pay nothing.

However, there is one requirement: You have to watch a free preview video first, with an example lesson from week 3.

Even if you don’t enroll in the Boot Camp, the preview video can build your business. You should watch the brief video (only 6 minutes long) and then decide if the Boot Camp is right for you.

Fair enough?

Now click here to watch the preview video

Kevin Donlin

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