Einstein’s Secret to Marketing?

Where do good ideas come from?

I have no idea.

But I do know how to get good ideas ...

... ideas that can build your business and deliver cash windfalls ...

... practically on demand.

Here's how: Get the hell out of your office and relax.

Let me explain.

If you look back over your life, I think you'll agree: Good ideas almost never come to you sitting at your desk.

Instead, good ideas come when you're relaxed and your mind is roaming freely -- in the shower, nodding off to sleep, driving down the highway, etc.

Albert Einstein got some of his best ideas while playing the violin, for example. And Thomas Edison often took naps when faced with a problem, then awoke with a breakthrough idea.

Now, I'm no Einstein or Edison.

But I can show you how to generate good ideas, at will.

It's simple, predictable, healthy, and fun.

It's this: Take a walk in nature.

Here's how I do it. Every weekend when the weather cooperates, I go walking around Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis. No music or texting. Just me and nature.

And I get new ideas. Plenty of them. Because my mind is roaming, relaxed and free.

Last Sunday, for example, about halfway around the lake, I got the idea for a new tool to share with members of my Marketing Multipliers Club.

What is it?

I can't tell you. It's for members only.

But here's a hint: It's a simple postcard any solopreneur or business owner can use to get new clients. It's based on an ugly postcard I mailed two years ago that gave me back $7,500 for every $1 invested in the mailing.

Think: If you found a slot machine that spit out $7,500 for every $1 you put into it, what would you do? You would feed that machine with every dollar you could beg, borrow or steal, that's what.

Well, that's what direct mail, properly understood, can be for your business. A very profitable machine.

Anyway, I can't share the new Ugly Postcard Template with you yet ...

... but I can share it with you next week.

Here's the deal: If you give Marketing Multipliers a try today, I'll email you a Special Report that lets you unlock huge profits that are trapped right now in your business. The "Ugly Postcard" Template makes it happen.

It's a $29.95 value, yours at no cost. Gratis. Kein Geld. No charge. No kidding.

But only if you do it today, okay?

It's easy:

1) Try Marketing Multipliers for a buck here

2) Email me your receipt and ask for your Ugly Postcard Template ...

... and you'll discover how to get back $7,500 -- or more -- for every $1 you invest in your marketing

Why not do it now? Here's the link to get started

Kevin Donlin

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