How to Take Online Marketing Offline: Facebook + Direct Mail

Ever wonder how to take online marketing offline?

And build your business faster?

Here's how ...

My friend Scott Whitaker, sent me an email today that I though was so important, I wanted to share it with you here.

It's a simple way to use direct mail to take your online relationships -- like those on Facebook -- offline, and then straight to the bank.

So, with minor edits, here's Scott's email ...


Hey Kevin,

I went to my mailbox and there was a stack of mail.

There were some window envelopes, regular sized envelopes and then there was this big orange envelope that obviously had something in it.

Which do you think I opened first?

Right. I went straight for the package.

It was a gift from my friend Brian Hahn at Go Social Experts (

Brian and his team are experts at Social Media Marketing. They understand how to create a marketing funnel using social media and actually get you clients -- not just "likes".

Brian also understands how to nurture his clients, like me. That's why he sent this gift.

take online marketing offline
So, what are you doing for your clients?

Are you making an investment in them and sending gifts by mail? Especially if your business is largely online and intangible?

Because, when you take online marketing offline, it can lead straight to the bank.

Every client should get a "Wow" gift after their first purchase. It helps build the relationship, shows them that you have a vested interest in them, and gives them a great start.

Scott Whitaker

===== End email =====

Your Takeaways:

1) Brian Hahn at is very smart. Even though his service is 100% online, he thanks his clients OFFLINE. This builds strong, profitable relationships with clients. Also, he's the real deal. I use him for all my Facebook advertising and recommend him to you.

2) Scott Whitaker at is also very smart. Plus he's an honest dude, and can help you unlock the power of "membership" in your business -- the same power used by Netflix, Amazon Prime, the WWE, and other billion-dollar companies.

3) I use membership, too, at

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