The $12,000 Postcard Marketing Example

Here's a postcard marketing example that could be worth $12,000 or more to your business.

But, first, let's talk about email ...

If you own a business, you probably depend a great deal on email marketing. And that's dangerous. Because most of the trends I see for email are negative:

* open rates are currently 15-25% -- and falling

* click rates are currently 1-3% -- and falling

* people are reading emails on smart phones, often while stuck in traffic or sitting on the can -- hardly the ideal selling environment for your product or service

So, to recap: Fewer people are opening and reading your emails, and when they do, they are increasingly distracted.

Not so good.

If only there were a way to reach more people with a message that gets opened and read without distraction.

Hmm ... what could that be?

Oh, wait. I know. Direct mail 🙂

Of course, if you're like most entrepreneurs, you've got two objections to direct mail: time and money.

But here's an easy answer to both objections: Postcards.

Postcards are quick, inexpensive, and they can support your email marketing. So you get the best of all worlds.

Here's an example:

postcard marketing example - frontpostcard marketing example - back
That odd little postcard helped cement a sale for $12,000 to a prospect who had been reading (but not buying from) my emails.

Sure, it's butt-ugly and my handwriting is awful. But the message was 100% personalized and relevant to Joe.

In reply to my postcard, Joe wrote: "Could we jump on a call next week on Monday to discuss hiring you to create a nurture program for us? I loved your Post Card from Orlando. You have a mixture of 'outrageous marketing' tactics ... I think your skill set could help us on this project ... and hopefully other projects thereafter."

Not a bad postcard marketing example to "steal" from, eh? 🙂


No postcard by itself can make a sale for $12,000 in 99 cases out of 100. But postcard marketing, along with email, the phone, and other direct mail, can be the one tap of the hammer that splits a big rock.

Direct mail is a serious tool. And postcards are seriously simple.

That makes postcards, done right, what I call a Marketing Multiplier -- a simple tool that delivers big profits.

There's a box of 11 Marketing Multipliers waiting for you now.

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