Postcard Marketing Trick: Donald And Hillary Can Make You Money

My last few blog posts have been about attention ...

... and how vital it is to any promotion you do for your business.

Because nobody can buy from you if nobody knows you exist.

And that's how Donald and Hillary can help you.

Because they know how to get attention. Without even trying. So, why not use them -- or any celebrity -- to get attention and sales in your marketing?

That's what I helped one of my members, Vance Morris, do with a cheap little postcard.

Vance is a smart marketer. He regularly uses direct mail in his carpet cleaning business. And he created a pretty good postcard promoting an election-year special, with Donald and Hillary as main characters.

But Vance wanted a second opinion.

So, as part of his Marketing Multipliers Club membership, he used his monthly Copy Critique Certificate and sent me the postcard for review.

First, I changed the headline, then I tweaked the copy, then I revised the offer ... and Vance is very happy with the resulting postcard.

Take a look:

postcard marketing ROI of 17-1Here's what Vance said: "I'm getting a return on investment of 17 to 1 on the 'Cleanup America' postcard you helped me with. And I expect more sales to come in because we haven't even reached the offer deadline. Thanks, Kevin!"

Bad news: Even if you could afford to hire me as a copywriter, I'm now booked until ... January 2017. No joke. I just took on a project to write 54 sales letters for a multi-million dollar global business. No new clients until next year. Sorry.

Good news: You can surely afford my Marketing Multipliers Club. And memberships are available today.

As part of your membership, you get a Copy Critique Certificate. That means you can send me one promotion every month to review and help you improve ... just like I did for Vance, who's enjoying a nice ROI of 17-to-1 on his new postcard.

If you own a business in the U.S., you can have a box of 11 Marketing Multipliers tools delivered to your door by mail.

For 100 pennies. A dollar.

It's a bargain.

And it's easy:

1) Try Marketing Multipliers for a buck here

2) Look for it in your mailbox in about 5 days

Kevin Donlin

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