Simple Newsletter Template

Simple Newsletter Template

You’ve probably heard: A printed simple newsletter template can really build your business.

A newsletter increases retention, referrals, and revenues when it shows up in the mailbox of your prospects and clients every month.

And, yet ... you probably don’t send one, do you?

I know the feeling. A newsletter takes time and money to assemble and mail each month. To be honest, I stopped publishing mine over a year ago because I got too busy. And then a funny thing happened ... my referrals dropped off. Not a lot, mind you, but enough to notice.

So, two months ago, I did something about it. Instead of mailing another newsletter, I started mailing a newsletter. Take another look at that last sentence. I’m not talking about a newsletter. I’m talking about a newsletter -- a letter containing news.

This is a classic 80/20 solution to a problem. If you don’t have time to write and mail a full-blown, 4-page color newsletter ... don’t. Instead, cull out the vital 20% of the contents that deliver 80% of its value -- the news -- and deliver it in a format that’s 20% as complex -- a letter.

When you do, it erases the whole time-and-money problem of newsletters. You may find, as I have, that a simple newsletter template delivers 80% of the benefits of a newsletter, in 20% of the time and money.

But enough talk. Let me show you what a newsletter looks like. Here’s page one:

page one

And here’s page two:


page two
How To Create
Your News Letter

1) Open on a personal or whimsical note. There’s a holiday or bit of fun trivia for every day on the calendar. Find one, then use it for the theme of your letter. In this example, I chose Bastille Day; everyone else in America was writing about the 4th of July.

2) Share valuable news. In my example, I shared two lessons learned at a marketing conference. They’re not my ideas, but they are valuable. This is key!

3) End the letter with a call to action! Because if you don’t ask for action, you won’t get it.

4) Remind people that you’re never too busy for new projects or referrals. Believe it or not, one unspoken reason why people don’t refer to you is not because they don’t like you. It’s because they think you’re too busy. So, address that issue in your closing or the P.S.

Bottom line
: I’ve now mailed two “issues” of my simple newsletter template to 20-25 clients and referral partners -- people who can either hire me for a project or refer new clients to me. And the results are promising: Two new projects and two referrals on possible projects. The potential ROI is astonishing: More than $12,000 on less than $100 invested. Not bad.

Now, of course, your results may vary. But what have you got to lose? Just sit your butt down and write a personal letter -- even one page is enough to start! -- in which you share valuable news and ask for referrals.

For about 20% of the time and cost of mailing a newsletter, you can enjoy 80% of the results by mailing a newsletter. I’d say that makes it an ideal Marketing Multiplier.

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  1. Awesome advice! will change my newsletter asap.
    • Omar, thanks for the comments. From what I've seen of your marketing, you're already doing great things!

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