Switch on More Profits: The Media Switch Technique

If you want a brain-dead simple way to double or even triple your profits ...

... here's all you do: Switch a successful marketing message from one communications medium to another.

Because what works well in one can work EXTREMELY well in another.

Here are just a few examples of this "Media Switch" Technique:

* Direct mail to online
* In person to online
* Online to phone

Example: If you're delivering an effective message by direct mail, you switch it to online -- turn it into a video sales letter, a web page, or a simple YouTube message.

Or take a message you've been delivering in person and put it online -- as a Webinar, sales letter on a Web page.

Now here's a case study from my client files ...

Below is page 1 of an 8-page letter I wrote for my client, Jeb. It's been wildly successful.

Media Switch Technique sample 1 from Marketing Multipliers com

But Jeb started running out of people to mail to. So we multiplied the appeal of the letter by switching it to a new medium, the newspaper. And his results were fantastic.

First, take a closer look at the sales letter. Specifically, the circled text. I used it as the basis of the print ad ...

Media Switch Technique sample 2 from Marketing Multipliers com
Now here's the print ad I created for his local newspaper ...

Media Switch Technique sample print ad from Marketing Multipliers comResults in first week: 17 phone calls and 9 appointments for in-person visits. Jeb's sales team was BUSY ... and Jeb was HAPPY! We ran the ad another 6 weeks, then moved the message to another medium. And the cycle repeated.

All we did was switch a winning marketing message from one medium to another. You can, too.

Okay, bad news and good news ...

Bad News: I recently shared the exact formula for using the Media Switch Technique with members of my Marketing Multipliers Club. All members got it in the mail. And that issue is NO LONGER available to the public.

Good News: If you give Marketing Multipliers a try today, I'll email you a Special Report that lets you unlock huge profits that are trapped right now in your business. The Media Switch Technique makes it happen.

It's a $29.95 value, yours at no cost. Gratis. Kein Geld. No charge. No fooling.

Don't be a dumb bunny. Do it today, okay?

It's easy:

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Kevin Donlin

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