Creepy Tweet Predicted Cubs Win, Apocalypse and More Sales for You?

Some people thought the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series after 108 years was a sure sign of the apocalypse.

In fact, one amateur Nostradamus predicted it ... in 2014.

Here's the story: First, look at this tweet, from two years ago:

Not only did @RaysFanGio predict the Cubs and Indians would face off in the World Series in 2016 (they did), he also predicted it would go 7 games (it did), would end in extra innings (it did), and the Cubs would win (they did).

Then he pretty much predicted the world would end -- "#apocalypse."

That didn't happen.


But you gotta admit, that's creepy ...

... and interesting. It's been retweeted more than 159,000 times.

Which is a lesson for you if you sell anything: If you want to sell something to people, you first need their interest. And one way to interest people is to say interesting things.

No, you don't have to make miraculous predictions. Just tell people something new, intriguing -- interesting.

Example: If you're a dog owner, here are two interesting facts:

• Only 38% of people understand all the ingredients on dog food labels
• Only 44% of dog owners really know what their pets are eating

Does that unsettle you a bit?

It unsettled thousands of dog owners when I wrote it 4 years ago, as part of a sales letter.

After getting readers' attention with those interesting facts, I caused a stampede of them to the stores of my client, a chain of pet stores. The letter produced 2,399 new customers, a hugely profitable ROI of 150-200%, and mailed for nearly two years. Revenues for the client spiked, and they've since grown from 12 locations to more than 20.

That's the power of interesting facts.

Tomorrow, I'll show you how to find and use interesting facts on demand, to unleash a cash flow surge in your business.

Until then ...

Bad news: You probably can't afford to hire me to write a sales letter like the one I wrote for my pet store client. Not unless your budget is a solid 5 figures.

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Kevin Donlin

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