The Email with an Open Rate of 100%

ant to see an email with a 100% open rate?

It's ... a FedEx Letter.

Email with open rate of 100 percent
Okay, I cheated. It's not an email.

But a FedEx Letter does have a 100% open rate.

And a FedEx Letter is a better answer to a better question.

Instead of asking, "How can I get more prospects to read my email?" ask yourself, "How can I get more prospects to read my message?"

Asking *that* question gives you more options -- and better answers.

If you want more prospects to read your emails, fine. You can probably hope for 20-30% to be opened and read on a good day.


But if you want more prospects to read your communications, send a FedEx Letter. It gets opened and read 100% of the time.

That's a 233-400% better response. Big difference.

But wait.

I can read your mind. You're thinking, "Kevin, you dumbass. Email is free! Besides, my prospects aren't worth enough money for FedEx."

Well, you need to ask yourself a better question than, "How can I send stuff for free?"

Instead, ask, "What can I sell so I can easily afford FedEx?"

That's a better question. It forces you to either raise your prices or create a new, premium product or service. And none of those is a bad thing.

So here's your takeaway: If you want better answers in your marketing -- and more new clients -- ask better questions. And better questions are often bigger questions.

Instead of, "How can I get more prospects to read my email?" ask "How can I get more prospects to read my message?"

Instead of, "How can I send stuff for free?" ask, "How can I afford to use FedEx?"

Asking better questions about your marketing costs you NOTHING. Yet the results can be HUGE.

And one more thing ...

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Kevin Donlin

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