How to Nurture New Profits From Old Leads With Email

What can blow a hole in the bottom of your business faster than a visit from the IRS?

Lack of follow up.

Which is a shame.

Because you work HARD to market your business. You make phone calls, you write emails, you earn referrals ...

... and then you fall on your face by failing to follow up.

Let's fix that, shall we?

First, let's define follow up: It's everything you do to stay in touch with potential clients for your business.

And in 9 cases out of 10, you're going to follow up by email. Which is fine. Because you're busy and email still works.

Email follow-up is something I've been doing since ... 1998.

That's when I first started writing "nurture" emails for myself and my clients. Because only a tiny percentage of people will buy from you on their first contact. It's usually less than 2%.

No matter how brilliant your offer or how beautiful your web site, people buy when they're ready to buy. And not before. Which can take weeks, months, even years.

Example: Three people signed up for my Marketing Multipliers Club in the last week ... who originally contacted me long ago.

How long ago, you ask?

You may be surprised.

Here are the numbers from my Infusionsoft system:

Name:     First Contact:    Purchase:    Elapsed Time:
AD              3/11/2015               9/8/2016         1.5 years
HK              2/27/2013              9/10/2016       3.5 years
LP               4/8/2012                9/6/2016         4.4 years

See that? Three new clients came out of the woodwork and bought after as long as 4+ years!

And that's just from the last week. Believe me, there are more like them. And my follow-up emails do all the sales work.

Now. What would an extra 3 clients next week mean for your business?

That's an extra 156 clients in the next 12 months.

And what if your nurturing emails did all the work for you? That would be nice, eh?

Well, let me be blunt: If you don't have a system of automatic emails in place to nurture and grow your prospects into paying clients, you're flushing hundreds of thousands of dollars down the toilet.

Let's fix that too, shall we?

It's easy.  You can do it Week One of my all-new ...

"Marketing Multipliers 4-Week Boot Camp."

The goal: To grow your business faster than you ever could by yourself.

In 4 remarkable weeks -- by email and phone -- you get my personal help to nurture and convert more leads ... retain clients longer ... and actually clone your best clients.

And in Week One, "Nurture Leads," I help you create a series of 7 emails to follow up with your leads over 30 days.

After that, it's a simple matter to add a new email every few days to your system because you'll have momentum and my help to guide you. You're in control. You can send as many emails for as many months or years as you want. I'll show you how.

It's all guaranteed to deliver a payback of 10X your investment. Or it’s free.

You'll hear more about the Boot Camp in the coming days ... if we don't sell out first.

However, there is one requirement: You must watch a free preview video first, with an example lesson from week 3.

Even if you don’t enroll in the Boot Camp, the free preview video can build your business. You should watch the brief video (only 6 minutes long) and then decide if the Boot Camp is right for you.

Fair enough?

Okay, now click here to watch the preview video.

(If the link doesn't work, we sold out. Sorry.)

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