Emotional Marketing Secret: Florida Man Runs Over Self Outside Strip Club

Here's an emotional marketing secret that you can take to the bank ...

... or at least the strip club.

Here's the story: Florida has been called a stupid, insane, dysfunctional hellhole ... by people who live there.

Also (and fittingly) it tends to decide U.S. presidential elections.

So when I saw the headline, "Florida man runs over self outside strip club" on one of those fake news websites, I just had to click. Sure enough, it actually happened, on November 21, 2016.

From the Miami Herald: "The Florida Highway Patrol charged a man who fell out of his pickup truck while leaving a strip club. The truck ran over the man's leg before crashing into a home and injuring a woman. Troopers said William Edwards, 28, ran away, but was later found and arrested."

Now, what does this have to do with growing your business?

Just this: No matter what you think your business is -- service or product, B2B or B2C -- you're really in the people business. Because people buy your stuff, no matter what it is or how you sell it.

So you need to be a student of people.

And you need to realize that people are illogical, irrational, emotional creatures. They do things like run over themselves in a strip club parking lot ... and they enjoy reading stories about same.

No matter how *perfect* your case when SELLING your stuff (79 new features, saves 45%, best in class, etc.) ... there are *imperfect* people BUYING your stuff (dumb, drunk, stressed out, etc.)

In other words, your perfect sales pitch will always land in the lap of an imperfect person.

And as my mentor Dan Kennedy once said, when it comes down to emotional marketing vs. logical marketing, "Wage everything on emotion."

Two emotional marketing examples from my files:

1) The $840,000 I delivered for my client, R.S.

The emotional headline of my sales letter for him: "Discover How to Set Yourself Free From Rental Property Headaches And Get The Money You Deserve."

2) The $46,160 in extra sales (139% increase) I delivered in 30 days for my client, A.G.

The emotional headline of my sales letter for him: "'Mom, Dad — I Got Rejected!' Discover The Dirty Little Secret That’s Keeping Your Child Out Of America’s Best Colleges"

Emotional marketing. Wage everything on it.

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Kevin Donlin

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