How Do You Follow Up With Prospects by Email?

Without being a pest?

Be useful.

Specifically, every time you send an email to a prospect, offer them useful information.

Be so valuable to people that they are happy to hear from you, even if they don't buy (yet).

Here's what you'll find: More people will make more time for your sales message ... which will make more sales for you.

The Sales Stimulator EmailTM can help.

It's a simple template based on my 24+ years of experience in email marketing. (That's right, I've been doing this since October 1994.)

Key: It borrows a phrase I learned from sales legend Tom Hopkins: "Saw this, thought of you."

In other words, your follow-up emails should take this form: "I saw this article/book/etc. and thought you might find it helpful."

Here are examples of what to send by email:

* Link to an article or blog post (written by you or a thought leader, like Seth Godin or Dan Kennedy)

* Photo of a magazine article you're reading (EASY if sent from your smart phone)

* Your notes from a seminar or event, sent as an attachment (very effective and 100% unique to you)

* PDF of an article or book summary sent as an attachment

The screen cap below shows you how I used that last option (emailing a book summary) to get the attention of -- and the business from -- a prospect I had been pursuing for weeks. All it took was a helpful nudge.

follow up image KD

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